We can create a fully digital world for your project where boundaries are erased by imagination.


From machines to living beings, we can bring them to life and add them to your film to make it unforgettable.


Removing wires, adding explosions, putting a greenscreen actor on Mars or whatever your project needs to help you tell the story the way you want.


Reel 2017


Juan Solo is a small studio that was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since 2019, we started to offer ourselves in Madrid, Spain.
We have more than 10 years of experience in post-production and vfx services in high-profile commercials, TV series and movies, guaranteeing professional quality work.
We are always in the details from the beginning to the end of a project to obtain the best result.

Our Team

Pablo Zamparini

Compositing Director

Lead Compositor in the biggest studio in Argentina for several years. Pablo has a degree in Graphic Design which added to an sharp eye for aesthetics, color and composition makes him one of the most respected professionals in the area.

Leandro Pedrouzo

3D & Animation Director

3D generalist and animator in charge of a number of projects in the major local studio for some years. Leandro has a degree in Character Animation as well as a System Analyst diploma which make him an authority in all stages of 3D animation, both artistic and technical.

Gabriel Toledano

Web Designer

A talented web designer in charge of media productions and also with a great insight in 3D animation.